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STEAM Party Packages

The STEAM Generation is happy to offer STEAM birthday parties at your party location!

Build the perfect birthday party with The STEAM Generation! We will entertain your guests with hands-on STEAM activities that are sure to be fun and educational for all! 

​We suggest booking 4-6 weeks in advance so you can get your choice of date, time, etc. We are available to host a party on Sunday - Friday afternoons. We do NOT host parties on Saturdays. Review our party packages below.

robot arm in gradient background
robot in gradient background
Friends building beyblades lego robots at a birthday party



Held at your party site:

  • One 60 minute STEAM Activity for up to 11 children ($10 extra for each additional child)

Choose one of the following STEAM Activities:


Rocket Party (Ages 4-14): Kids will each get to design and build a straw rocket and learn about Newton's Third Law of Motion in the process. Kids launch a rocket from our special launching pad and will keep their rocket at the end of the party. Requires tables, chairs, and a large indoor or outdoor space.


BeyBlade LEGO Robotics - Smart Spinner Party (Ages 4-14): Your child and their party guests will each build a robot and program the robot with a laptop to perform in a robotics challenge. Guests will compete in a BeyBlade Tournament with the LEGO Robots. Requires large tables, chairs, indoor space.


Chem-E Girl's Fabulous Party (Ages 7-14): Lip Gloss N' Ice Cream (make your own)

Friends launching rockets at STEM birthday party


  • Includes:
    Everything in the Basic Party Package for up to 11 children ($12 extra for each additional child)Includes:

  • Plus:
    One 30-minute Add-On Activity. 

Choose from the following Add-On Activities:




“Make your own” Ice Cream Activity 


Play Dough Activity


Building Roller Coasters Activity

Friends launching bottle rockets at STEM birthday party


  • Includes:

  • 90 minute Bottle Rocket Party for up to 11 children ($10 extra for each additional child).

Guests (Ages 4-14) will get the chance to build a large model rocket that is capable of launching using pressurized water and air. They will launch their rocket that can jettison more than one hundred feet in the air. Kids will keep their rocket at the end of the party. A large open field is required for this party.

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