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Meet Maureen Myrie

Maureen’s earliest encounters with exploring STEAM topics start with the treasured memories of building computers with her father as a young girl.

That initial hands-on experience inspired her to pursue a college degree in computer science. While grateful for the computer science education, Maureen also knew the education alone would not be enough to prepare her for long-term career success. 

Maureen Myrie founder of The STEAM Generation

Determined to fulfill her dream of a career in STEAM, Maureen obtained  a position at a local hospital and taught herself the programming language C#.  She used that knowledge to lead a development team in the creation of a  web application to certify new doctors applying for open positions at the hospital -  all while still a student at the University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Through this experience, Maureen learned that technology must be developed and implemented with a human-centric approach. She understood that technology, in order to be useful, must be capable of being fully understood  by those outside the field.


Using hands-on STEAM as the tool, children flourish when they learn from real-world experiences. We must ensure the best possible future by educating them with skills that will lead them to become the innovators of tomorrow.

- Ms. Maureen 



Maureen’s passion for a people-first approach to technology implementation impressed the recruiters at consulting firm Accenture,  who hired her as a Project Manager specializing in software administration after she earned a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Management Information Systems.

After a decade of serving clients in the U.S., India, and beyond, Maureen was ready to launch her own business and give back to the field of STEAM that had given so much to her. In 2013, she founded The STEAM Generation, an education nonprofit corporation, because she wanted children from all socio-economic backgrounds in the metro Atlanta area to improve the quality of their STEAM-based education by practicing skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.  

The STEAM Generation is committed to providing STEAM enrichment education to children ages 4-14. The programming is embedded in schools to enhance the students’ learning experience. In the midst of the current pandemic situation, programming is also offered virtually and open to students anywhere in the world.

Maureen’s role within The STEAM Generation is more than that of a manager.  She also  teaches some of the program offerings in order to  stay true to her “people-person” roots. 

Maureen Myrie founder of The STEAM Generation teaching an engineering class to kids

Her personal favorite program to teach?  The Girls Let’s Build STEAM Club, which prepares the next generation of girls in Grades 3-8  for future careers in STEAM by introducing them to activities such as virtual robotics, computer programming , video game design, app development, and hands-on engineering.  Young girls with a strong foundation in STEAM skills gain the confidence to believe — as Maureen learned — that if they put their minds to it, they can overcome any challenge in life.

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