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As the school year winds down, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and occupied over the summer. The STEAM Generation, a leading provider of STEM and art education for kids and teens in Georgia, is preparing for its summer camps. Children between the ages of 4 and 14 from all over metro Atlanta will be attending courses on coding, robotics, and engineering design. This year, camps will be held in various locations across the metro area, including Henry, Douglas, and DeKalb counties. In addition to the in-person camps, the organization has launched online offerings and all-girls courses to address the tech gender imbalance.

STEAM camps aim to entertain and inspire young minds while helping them use the latest technology tools to create and innovate. As a result, a new generation of young people will acquire skills that can help them fill great jobs that may go unfilled due to the digital skills gap. The children benefit, and it also fuels the country's fast-growing digital economy.

The STEAM Generation was founded ten years ago by tech enthusiast Maureen Myrie, who was unable to find any engaging STEAM programs for children at that time. The organization now runs programs for young people throughout Georgia.

The STEAM Generation camps, which last for five days, focus on a particular field of digital tech, such as coding, robotics, video game design, or engineering design. From absolute beginners to STEAM enthusiasts who want to dive deeper, there is an option for every age and stage.

Maureen Myrie, the Founder and President/CEO, explains why she created The STEAM Generation: “I started The STEAM Generation at my kitchen table because I was concerned that children weren't learning the skills they needed to thrive in the world they were growing into. A lot of kids love spending time using technology, but I think it’s critical that they can be constructive and not just passive consumers. It’s not just about future skills; it's also about having them understand how the tech around them works and empowering them with those tools so that they can solve problems, get creative, and be active digital citizens.”

“STEAM isn’t a vertical anymore – it’s part of everything we do. The projects our kids create in The STEAM Generation camps will make them better photographers, doctors, researchers, more creative stylists, broader communicators, better team players, stronger analysts, creative problem solvers, and brilliant entrepreneurs.”

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