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Why is STEAM Education Important? | The STEAM Generation

The children of today are the leaders, scientists, inventors, and creators of tomorrow, and from a very young age they crave experiences that help them learn. Here at The STEAM Generation we understand that cultivating their interest in new things is key to building the skills and talent that will drive innovation and continue to improve our communities.

Our goal is to help students learn to think critically and to understand how interconnected the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) really are. To do this, The STEAM Generation works to build unique age-appropriate curriculum that makes learning a fun and engaging activity. The integration of the arts component into STEM makes it more fun to learn and more approachable to children. We focus on solving complex real-world scenarios and supporting students as they think, research, and collaborate with others to find a solution.

For example, in a typical preschool design project our students are encouraged to apply crucial engineering and innovation tactics while developing a sense of curiosity and creativity. The STEAM Generation projects foster a hands-on learning environment where knowledge is developed, not taught.

We would love to have your child join us on our next STEAM adventure! We are confident they will have fun, make great memories, and develop critical thinking skills that will benefit them no matter what future career they choose!

Learn more about our STEAM PROGRAMS.


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