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5 Reasons why Coding is Important for Kids | The STEAM Generation

There is one skill that can transform your child from a passive user of digital media to a creator of it. That skill is coding, and that is not all it can do. Getting your children to code has multiple advantages; improves their career prospects, makes them more creative, improves their math skills, and makes them better students overall.

Coding Kids Learn a New Language

You might have heard that exposing children to different languages while they are young gives them better cognitive abilities, including memory, focus, and brain function.

Coding has an entire language of its own where every letter is represented by its unique combination of 1’s and 0’s. Children who code have all the advantages of bilingual children.

The language of programming is called software and children can learn programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, and C#. C++ and Python are most commonly used in Robotics.

Coding Kids become Better Thinkers

Children who code are better at thinking because they learn logical thinking as they acquire and apply the skill of coding. They learn how to solve problems by practically applying decomposition which is part of computational thinking.

Computational thinking means taking care of a bigger problem by breaking it into smaller problems that are easier to handle.

Logical thinking is a life skill that children will find applicable in school and later on in life.

They use their creativity to not only think of ideas but also turn them into real solutions. These are in-demand skills that help to future-proof your child’s career prospects.

Coding Kids get Better at Math

Kids who code learn the language of math. They improve their ability to calculate and apply logic to situations. This makes math much easier for them. They organize and analyze data in a better way. The best thing about it is that they don’t even realize that they are practicing math.

Coding is a Vital Skill for Kids

STEM jobs are growing at a faster rate than ever before, and most STEAM jobs are in computing. Even with all this opportunity, only 8% of STEAM graduates have studied Computer Science.

What this means for your child is that if they learn to code, they are learning a vital, in-demand skill that helps set them up for a better future.

Your child has a much higher chance of getting into a rewarding STEAM career when they have some coding skills.

Besides jobs and careers, coding skills put your child ahead of their peers when it comes to getting internships and college admissions. College recruiters favor students who possess extra skills, and coding is one of them.

Coding Kids Nurture their Creativity

Programming helps children apply their creativity as well as logic. This is because programming is a creative endeavor.

They enjoy the challenge and reward of building real things.

Children learn to express themselves by making video games, creating the kind of apps and websites they want to see, and turning their imagination into reality.

Interested in enrolling your child in a STEAM program?

Check out The STEAM Generation – a STEAM enrichment program that provides hands-on classes, camps, and workshops for children 4-14.


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