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Mableton, GA - The STEAM Generation, the new Georgia affiliate for Destination Imagination, hosted their first-ever STEAM competition showcase. The event was at the SAE School in Mableton on March 30, 2023. The program was a huge success.

The showcase featured an elementary level team from The SAE School who took on the engineering challenge called Thrill Ride. The team was tasked with creating a roller coaster and launching mechanism that demonstrated the speed and distance a golf ball could travel. In addition, the team integrated testing of the roller coaster with a team-created thrilling event that used theatrical techniques to show the roller coaster riders’ experience. The team also participated in the instant challenge, showcasing their ability to think on their feet and work collaboratively.

The appraisers evaluated the team's performance, providing valuable feedback and constructive criticism to help them improve their skills and strategies. The team from The SAE School represented their school and the community with pride and enthusiasm, embodying the spirit of Destination Imagination.

"In our 10 year anniversary, we were thrilled to host this showcase and to see the impressive solutions and performances," said Maureen Myrie, Founder/President of The STEAM Generation. "It's inspiring to see young students tackle complex challenges and apply their knowledge in new and creative ways."

The STEAM Generation is excited to announce that next school year the STEAM competition is open to children across the state of Georgia. This will be a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and creativity on a larger stage, and The STEAM Generation is excited to see what new solutions and ideas will emerge.

About The STEAM Generation:

Founded in 2013, The STEAM Generation, a Georgia-based nonprofit organization is a leading provider of STEAM education for children Pre-K through 12th grade. The organization provides a range of programs and services to help students develop their skills and creativity in science, technology, engineering, art integration, and mathematics. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, The STEAM Generation is dedicated to empowering the next generation of STEAM leaders.

For more information about The STEAM Generation and its programs, please visit their website at


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